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    Professionally managing real estate assets is key to realizing forecasted returns, end user satisfaction and maximizing the investment life of real estate assets.  Dayola Property’s strategic partnership with investors enables us to offer our clients and venture partners an end-to-end solution that ensures a proactive and preventative maintenance approach.

    We understand the enormous challenges and risk newly developed properties are faced with, hence we are focused in managing these risks and challenges efficiently and effectively in order to achieve the best results for our clients.

    Our seasoned and experienced professionals are hands on to contain and reduce these risks to its barest minimum by using their requisite skills and knowledge to evaluate each development and come up with strategies to maximize its value.

    Essential care is provided for all the facilities under our watch; this is to ensure that these facilities are at their best condition at all times.

    We also offer guidance to our clients on methods to ensure their properties remain appealing to customers.


    Real Estate Market Assessment and Advisory:

    Our construction and real estate advisory professionals help clients achieve a competitive advantage by managing risk, reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency.

    Dayola Property helps to demonstrate the tangible and intangible contributions that real estate and facilities assets make in supporting business unit goals and can advise on aligning the real estate strategy with wider enterprise objectives.


    The services of our Advisory team includes but not limited to

    • Portfolio strategy and location advisory
    • Delivery strategy and operational model
    • Governance and control
    • Process and technology
    • Strategic services
    • Risk mitigation, processes and control
    • Technology and implementation
    • Project and risk assessments
    • Project management oversight advisory
    • Cost evaluation
    • Acquisition, Disposition and Construction Management


    At Dayola Property, we recognize the challenges with property acquisition in Nigeria. Hence, we move swiftly to continually provide efficient, effective innovations that are pragmatic solutions.

    Our clients do not have to be saddled with C of Os and State Land regulation, as we offer the resources and experience of best real estate practices, using our local, regional understanding of the Nigerian Real Estate business. This enables us to apply local practices and tailor our approach to the interest of our clients.

    Our emphasis is on acquisitions, Investments, asset management and development consultancy, on a global scale. We are fully committed to the life cycle of our clients acquisition; we lead clients from the initial purchase right through to the eventual realization of your investment, benefitting from our market-leading real estate lawyers, our knowledge of the market, the breadth of our complementary expertise on tax, private equity, corporate, planning and environmental regulation.


    Our acquisition and disposition teams are active in all areas of real estate, including:

    • Brokerage
    • Financial Analysis
    • Due Diligence
    • Equity
    • Transition
    • Marketing and Leasing
    • Tenant Relations
    • Project Redevelopment and New building Commissioning


    More Services: Investments . Development

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