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Team Detail

Misan Eresanara Esq.


He is a qualified legal practitioner who has been in constant legal practice since his call to bar in 1987. He has worked with Tejumola Adeyemi & Co, Dr G.I.S Omonuwa & Co and R.I. Kuku & Co before the inception of his law firm; Misan Eresanara & Co in 1993, where he is the Principal leading a host of experience and budding lawyers.

His experience in legal practice has provided grounds for his expertise in general legal services with special interest in legal audit, financial intermediation and documentation, mergers and acquisitions, legal consultancy for various financial institutions and consultancy firms, corporate governance, foreign participation in Nigerian businesses and property law.

He is currently the chairperson of the Africa Leadership Council (ALC) and Special Olympics Africa Region.

He is a consultant at Dayola Property on real estate laws and legal proceedings and has yielded sustainable and legal property investment forecasts and also legal solutions to all Dayola Property transactions and relations. He has also ensured that transactions are lawful and are as transparent as possible.

He is on the Board of Special Olympics Nigeria, and is currently the chairperson of the Africa Leadership Council (ALC) of Special Olympics Africa Region.

He is a public speaker, motivational and Christian faith-based and an alumnus of the Institute for National Transformation. He serves on the board of several companies as well act as the legal adviser to several other companies. He also acts as advisor and consultant to a few Non – Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

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