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Who We Are

Our History


Dayola Property and Development Company was founded in 1999 and today has become one of the prime creators of quintessential homes and apartments in the business districts and newly developed areas of Lagos metropolis. Though incorporated in 2008, DPDC kick started business with property management and property investment

Our novel fervor had remained to make luxury homes affordable yet  our portfolio has grown to encompass a wide range of home buyers delight, hospitality, commercial and recreational facilities that fits our client’s taste and desire.


Our Joint Ventures continue to be the core of DPDC investment structure; it is designed with the intent of pursuing the most reputable and productive acquisition and development opportunities, ensure access to new real markets, provide increased capacity and access to greater resources which includes specialized hire, technology and finance.

Our focus is to remain the premier developer of choice in Nigeria and sub Saharan region delivering sustainable earnings to our investors.

our vision

To be the first choice developer providing urban living solutions to local and offshore property investments.

our mission

DPDC passion is to ensure perfection and commitment to excellence in all areas of real estate development, with the aim of playing a leading role in premium property development and to provide our clients with secure and profitable investments.

core values


DPDC ensures that all its activities are conducted transparently, activities are carried out ethically. Accountability is the order of the day with the goal of building and sustaining trust in our activities and services.



DPDC  is a team of forward looking, goal driven, success, quality and productivity driven, passionate and hardworking individuals, our goal is to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in our services, structure and activities.



We ensure that our services and operations are within our established boundaries created to ensure diligence and effectiveness.


The interests of our clients are our number one priority; therefore, we ensure that it is always upheld and protected.



DPDC is a respecter of relationships and associations; we therefore ensures that the vision, mission and goals of the company are properly communicated and understood, this is with the goal of ensuring that DPDC and its associates anticipate the same result as DPDC.



DPDC strives to be innovative and suave in its services. We strive for consistent improvement in our developments, investments and management techniques.

Board of Directors

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